Adhesivos eléctricamente conductores (Anisotrópicos)

Roartis® offers both isotropically conductive adhesives (conducting in 3 dimensions), as well as anisotropically conductive adhesives (conducting only in the z-direction).

Anisotropic conductive adhesives are typically used in applications where flip chip devices are interconnected to substrates where very small pitches are required. Roartis® offers a range of materials with spot-cure chemistry for extreme short curing cycles, as well as materials which cure at slower rates, but which feature exceptional high adhesion strength and best-in class corrosion-resistance.

Unlike traditional suppliers, which often offer anisotropic conductive adhesives, based on Nickel filler technology, considered as carcinogenic, Roartis® has chosen to use other fillers which are more environmental friendly, as well as not harmful to the human body.

In case you don’t find a product which exactly meets your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibility of a customized development.