ROARTIS introduces silicon-free gap-filler materials for harsh environment applications

Today’s trend of e-mobility requires new battery solutions for applications such as e-cars, e-bikes, e-scooters as well as e-steps. Roartis, with its variety of thermal solutions, is well positioned to assist companies in identifying the best fit for their application … from thermally conductive adhesives, to thermal interface materials, as well as gapfilling solutions.

Roartis recently launched a set of liquid gap-filler materials, focused on automotive and industrial applications for harsh environments. In contrast to more traditional thermal pads, Roartis IQ-BOND liquid gap filler solutions offer distinct advantages:

  • improved thermal dissipation thanks to excellent wet-out of IQ-BOND liquid gap fillers compared to rigid pads
  • silicone-free, assuring no risk for silicone contamination of electronic parts
  • flexibility: low stress in the application, and excellent vibration resistance
  • ease of processing: supplied in non-critical 1-1 mixing ratio application methods, allowing ease of automation
  • high adhesion offering reliable thermal performance, even in harsh environments
  • cost efficient
  • customizable: thermal conductivities can be offered and tuned, ranging from 1 W/m.K up to 4 W/m.K
  • short leadtimes and small minimum order quanitities

IQ-BOND 2649-T-FL is a flexible, thermally conductive, hybrid epoxy material, designed to combine the good and reliable adhesion of epoxies, with the great flexibility and vibration resistance of silicone materials.

Where IQ-BOND 2649-T-FL is designed for applications where the thermal gap filler should have non-flow characteristics, Roartis also introduced IQ-BOND 2648-T-FL which is a flowable version. As such, IQ-BOND 2648-T-FL  can be used as a liquid, flexible, thermally conductive potting resin.
For high-throughput processes, Roartis has recently launched a faster-cure version, called IQ-BOND 2650-T-FL, which allows fixture time in a matter of few minutes at room temperature.

Apart from those thermally conductive materials, Roartis offers a range of materials which help design and assembly engineers to develop robust electronic systems, with high temperature resistant underfill materials, structural adhesives resisting 200°C continuosly, etc.
IQ-BOND gapfiller materials are offered in a variety of packaging types : 25 ml twin syringes, 50 ml twin syringes, 400 ml twin syringes and/or bulk packaging (gallons 7 kg) or pails (25 kg)

To view the datasheets of the gap filler materials, click here: IQ-BOND 2649-T-FLIQ-BOND 2648-T-FL and IQ-BOND 2647-T-FL. For more information, feel free to contact us at

September 17th, Genk, Belgium