Roartis introduces flexible, epoxy-based, potting resin for harsh environments.

Genk, January 2019.

Since many years, epoxy based encapsulants have been used in applications where long term reliability are of greatest importance, such as encapsulation of automotive sensors, industrial motors, out-door electronic systems, etc.

Despite the proven performance of traditional epoxy based systems, their inherent hard and brittle nature, make them often not suitable for applications where mechanical stress absorbance is required. For those applications, the industry tends towards the use of polyurethane or silicone systems. However, polyurethane systems typically are not resisting high temperatures and/or are subject to environmental concern. Flexible, high performance silicones often have inferior mechanical strength and may be economically out of range for higher volume applications.

To combine the desired features of these various chemistries, ROARTIS has developed a 100% solids, flexible, epoxy-based encapsulation material, IQ-CAST 9547-FL which combines the excellent mechanical and chemical resistance of traditional epoxy systems, with the flexibility and mechanical stress-relief of polyurethane or silicone systems.

IQ-CAST 9647-FL is a black, general purpose, solvent-free, two-component, unfilled, epoxy based potting resin, developed for encapsulation of industrial components.

IQ-CAST 9647-FL will assure very good flow in small cavities, followed by fast self-levelling. If the viscosity would still be too high for potting, warming up the resin and catalyst will further reduce the viscosity. Depending on the mix-ratio of part A and part B, different flexibilities and/or hardnesses can be obtained.
IQ-CAST 9647-FL can be cured at room temperature in about 48 hours. When curing at elevated temperature, this cure process can be significantly reduced.  When fully cured, the IQ-CAST 9647-FL is resistant to moisture, most cleaning agents and dilute acids and bases. The epoxy-based chemistry provides good adhesion strength on a variety of substrates, such as metals, ceramics, glass and a variety of plastics.

IQ-CAST 9647-FL is REACH and ROHS compliant.

To download the datasheet, consult the website, or click on the following link: technical information.

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