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ROARTIS stands for innovative and quality electronic adhesives, for demanding, high reliability applications developed and produced in Europe! ROARTIS’ IQ-BOND adhesives and IQ-CAST potting resins have been used for many years in high reliability applications and markets such as aviation, medical, aerospace, defense, energy, automotive and industrial electronics. With state of art laboratories...

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IQ as in Innovation & Quality

Roartis adhesives and resins are typically used in electronic and industrial applications which are exposed to harsh environments. To keep track with our customers future requirements, we continuously innovate and place great emphasis on highest quality standards.

Custom formulations

Roartis will “custom formulate” adhesives and resin solutions with specific performance requirements, even for low to medium volume applications. Our focus is to provide solutions for new and future market requirements. However, we also offer replacement of competitors’ discontinued products.


Do you have a supplier with large minimum order requirements or long lead times? Do you have to wait weeks to get an answer on your technical questions? Roartis is known for its great flexibility and fast decision-making. We work with small minimum order quantities, very short lead times and quick-market response.

Made in Europe

Roartis develops and produces in Flanders (Belgium), in the heart of Europe. This geographical location has enabled us, to grow rapidly in the start-up phase by focusing on European customers. In the meantime, we can proudly say that 85% of our annual revenue is export-related.

Know How & Technical Support

Do you have trouble getting a competent person on the line when you contact your existing adhesive supplier? Roartis does a great deal of effort to ensure that its personnel and distribution partners are competent adhesive experts. As such, we ensure that we understand your needs, and we can help you find the solution that suits your needs.


Together with our customers we consider the environmental concerns in the early design-phase of any new adhesive project. As such, we ensure that we comply to the latest environmental requirements such as REACH, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and ELV (End of Life Vehicles directive)