Thermal greases

Thermal grease is a thermally conductive paste which is commonly used as a thermal interface material between heat sources such as high-power semiconductor devices, and heatsinks. The main purpose of a thermal grease is to eliminate air gaps or spaces (which act as thermal insulator) from the interface area in order to maximize heat transfer and as such, improve the cooling of the heat-generating device.

In contrast to thermally conductive adhesives, which ROARTIS® also offers, thermal grease does not add mechanical strength to the bond between heat source and heat sink. It will have to be assembled with a mechanical fixation mechanism such as screws, applying pressure between the two, spreading the thermal grease onto the heat source.

Unlike the traditional suppliers which typically provide thermal greases based on silicon-chemistry, ROARTIS® has chosen to develop non-silicon based thermal wax, eliminating the risk of silicone-poisoning, for example in semiconductor or automotive assemblies.