“Glob top” – “Dam & Fill” encapsulants

In many electronic assemblies, sensitive components, such as bare Si dies, crystal oscillators RF components, BGA’s and CSP’s require reliable protection against harsh environments.

Roartis® epoxy-based “glob top” and “dam & fill” resins with high Tg and low CTE are used in demanding applications where customers require thermal cycling resistance between -55°C up to 180°C. Also extensive humidity storage testing (2000hrs 85°C/85%RH) has proven to be no obstacle for Roartis® “glob top” or “dam & fill” materials.

Where “dam & fill” encapsulants are typically used for larger die applications, “glob top” encapsulants are mostly used for smaller chips. To minimize the process time, the chemistry of the “dam & fill” encapsulants has been optimized to enable a co-cure process.