ROARTIS introduces environmental friendly high temperature resistant materials

Roartis is happy to introduce innovative, environmental friendly high temperature resistant materials, designed to resist harsh environments in the electronics industry.

Since many years, the European government is setting the pace with regards to legislation of chemical raw materials and substances, used in the assembly of electronic and/or industrial components.

Examples such as Pb-Free, RoHS, WEEE and REACH are just a few examples of directives which have had a major impact on the European industry over the past years.

Unfortunately for adhesive formulators and users, these directives have had significant consequences with regards to the availability and usability of some chemical substances.

But as consumers become more environmental concerned, this trend will very likely only further continue in the near future. As an example, Europe has set up a list of “Substances of Very High Concern” (SVHC). This includes ingredients which in the not so far future may be banned from possible use in adhesives, coatings and/or other chemicals used in the European industry.

A typical market segment where this will have a direct impact, is the market for high temperature electronics (> 250°C), where today, often materials are used containing NMP (N-methyl-pyrrolidone) and/or Nonylphenol, for example in polyimide and/or cyanate-ester based adhesives and resins.

Both these substances are subject of the SVHC-list, and will very likely be banned from usage in Europe in the not so far future.

To anticipate on this, ROARTIS has developed “green” alternatives, suitable for high temperature applications:

IQ-COAT 6000, a modified silicone-hybrid solvent-based coating, which can replace polyimide coatings for applications where temperature resistance is required up to 400 – 500°C.

Micro-electronic adhesives, based on modified epoxy-hybrid chemistry, with a Tg (glass-transition temperature) of 250°C, making them suitable alternatives for currently widely used NMP- and/or nonylphenol- based polyimide and/or cyanate ester materials:

  • IQ-BOND 5481-CE : electrically conductive
  • IQ-BOND 2487: dielectric adhesive
  • IQ-BOND 2520: high Tg glob top encapsulant
  • IQ-BOND 2481 and IQ-BOND 2178: high Tg underfills

To view the datasheets, click here: IQ-BOND 5481-CEIQ-BOND 2487IQ-BOND 2481IQ-BOND 2178IQ-BOND 2520 and/or IQ-COAT 6000.

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December 2nd 2019, Genk, Belgium