ROARTIS COVID-19 announcement

Dear valued Customer , Supplier and Business partner of ROARTIS,

We continue to monitor the current COVID-19 outbreak situation, and wanted to let you know how ROARTIS is handling this unprecedented situation.

Since measures are being taken by local as well as international authorities, we continue to monitor the global situation and have implemented several procedures within our factory to continue being able to respond to our customer needs and assure uninterrupted business operations:

  • Home office working for colleagues who can work from distance
  • Operations in island modus, avoiding interaction of operational staff in the factory
  • Limiting access of non-staff individuals, with appropriate hygiene requirements and measures to avoid any physical interaction
  • Cancellation of any business travel
  • Verification of inventory levels that meet our business needs for the foreseeable near term future.

At the time of sending out this customer communication, there are no indications of interruptions to our normal business operations , supply chain and/or our ability to provide products to our customers.

Currently, all our suppliers are operating on normal schedules and we have not been informed about any shortages in the foreseeable future.

Nevertheless, we recommend you to let us know if you are anticipating urgent need or new orders of materials, to assure we may put our efforts to those highest priority projects, and can make sure we are able well in advance to respond to material requirements you may have.

To date, none of our employees, families or friends are affected with COVID-19. We sincerely hope this will stay this way. In these days, people understand more than ever, good health is the most important asset one can have.

Therefore, our greatest concern goes to our customers and suppliers, which may have colleagues, relatives or friends, affected personally by COVID-19. Let us wish you a good and fast recovery.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to any of our team members.

Kindest regards,

Jochen Schuermans

Founder & CEO

March 23th, 2020, Genk, Belgium